When it comes to framing squares, there are a lot of great features that The Take Apart Framing Square has to offer. From features to functionality, this framing square has something for everyone. Plus, with a great price, this framing square is affordable and makes a great gift.

The Take Apart Framing Square Is a Highly Practical Tool

The Take Apart Framing Square is a highly practical tool that offers a wide range of great features. It is perfect for builders, mechanics, carpenters and more. The square has a wide range of features that ensures accuracy when measuring. Additionally, the frame is easy to assemble and disassemble to fit quick and neat into any tool box. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced square frame user, the Take Apart Framing Square is a must-have tool.

Features Include:

  • Fits in Any Toolbox

The TAKE-APART Framing Squares are designed to be taken apart and have the added ability to be carried in a regular sized tool box.

  • Smooth & Easy to Slide

Another feature is that it is smooth on both sides, and easy to slide around on surfaces.

  • Standard Size & Easy to Use

Easy to assemble and disassemble; it is handy for framing, measuring, layout, rafter, stair work, angle establishing, cut-off work, and more.

  • A Ball & Detent System Installed for Retention

Makes a Great Gift!

The Take Apart Framing Square is a great gift for anyone who requires a framing square. With its wide range of great features, this framing square is perfect for anyone who needs a quality tool by their side.

To Purchase the Take Apart Framing Square, browse our website today: https://carpentersportableframingsquare.com.