We are delighted to announce that The Take Apart Framing Square has a new name.

Now known as the CARPENTERS PORTABLE FRAMING SQUARE, this is a must have tool for all skilled trades workers. Whether you are a Carpenter, Mechanic, an Oilfield Fabricator, or in any one of the other trades that require fabrication on the go, you need to own one of these to bring along in your tool box.

The CARPENTERS PORTABLE FRAMING SQUARE offers a way to find the angles to use for your layout work!  It is very handy and now can be stored in one’s tool box.

It’s always there when you need to use it!

Store it within YOUR TOOL BOX!

It will remain accurate for years to come because it is in protected within YOUR TOOL BOX!


IT is finally HERE!!!!!

Now you can be with the BEST of the FABRICATORS!!!!!

Also makes a great gift, so BUY one for your good friend.