The Most Innovative Thing Happening with Framing Squares

Framing squares are a versatile and handy tool to have for almost all carpentry works. It can be used to layout and cut common rafters, hip rafters, staircase stringers, and more. To layout and cut common rafters, a framing square one of the more important tools you need to own. While there are dozens of options to choose from, which is right for you?

Our answer is—TAKE-APRT Framing Squares!

With no exaggeration to say, our Take-Apart Framing Square is one of the most innovative carpentry tools!

It is the best carpenter square set made for everyone to use. With a ball & detent system installed, it is designed to be taken apart and have the added ability to be carried in a regular-sized toolbox. In addition, the TAKE-APART framing square has two patents, and several other promising features are on the way. Furthermore, the TAKE-APART framing square is open to licensing, marketing, and manufacturing.

Details About TAKE-APART Framing Squares

The TAKE-APART Framing Square can help you get your carpentry work done with efficiency and accuracy. It is a full-sized 16″x24″ carpentry tool when assembled, and one-quarter inch thick. The long blade is the standard two inches wide, and the short one is the standard inch and a half wide. The two blades are connected by an aluminum one-foot rule that is dovetailed on leading edges to accommodate the dovetail grooves.

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Why Choose The TAKE-APART Framing Squares?

As a must-have carpentry tool, our TAKE-APART framing square features easy-to-read measurement scales, making it more accurate and easier to mark angels. The square is smooth on both sides, and easy to slide around on surfaces. It is handy for framing, layout, rafter and stair work, finding and establishing right angles, marking cut-off work, to name a few. No job is too complex if you choose to use our TAKE-APART framing square. This is a tool all mechanics, carpenters, and builders need to carry.

Last but not least is, when choosing the TAKE-APART Framing Square, a lifetime warranty under normal use will be included! We all know that nothing can last forever, especially carpentry tools with marking that could fade over time. So a product with a lifetime warranty matters in saving your budget!

It is not always easy to get a tool with that many pros at such a competitive price, so don’t miss it. The TAKE-APART framing can offer you every satisfaction in your carpentry work!